Tax Strategies to Reduce your Costs

The TFG team will develop an efficient Tax Strategy

Whether its personal, business or the result of an estate, taxes are inevitable. At Telford Financial Group we specialize in Tax Planning and helping our clients identify the best ways to maximize tax deductions.

When a person dies all of their property is taxed. Creating an estate plan ahead of time is a proactive way to prepare and evaluate the most effective options to reduce estate taxes. At TFG we are knowledgeable in the best practices to help you reduce estate taxes after a death

  • Leaving your property to your spouse can avoid property gain taxes after death.
  • Transferring RRSP’s to your spouse after death can also be done without incurring taxes.
  • Life insurance is another option that will go directly to your beneficiaries’ tax free.
  • Gifting value items to your family throughout your lifetime can avoid taxes on capital gains.
  • Leaving your money or property to a registered charity after your death can often provide your estate with a major tax credit and potentially reduce any taxes that are owed.

Come speak with one of our Tax experts and let the Telford Financial Group help you develop a tax strategy personalized to your unique situation.